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Lawsuit for Dental Malpractice

Dental Malpractice Lawsuit

A dentist malpractice law suit must include proof that some action or failure to act, resulted in injury to the patient. Dental malpractice may include minor injuries up to and including the possibility of death.

In some dentist malpractice law suits, the dentist took some action which resulted in the death of the patient. For example, patients may have a reaction to medication, such as anesthesia. In other cases, a dentist may have missed the signs of an infection that later became deadly.

A dentist malpractice law suit must include valid proof that the reaction of the patient was the result of some action by the dentist. This evidence may be found in medical records, through autopsy or through witness statements. In any case, a dental malpractice lawsuit can result in financial penalties, as well as a loss of license.

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