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Statute of Limitations on Medical Malpractice

Filing For A Malpractice Suit

The statute of limitations imposed on the period when a medical malpractice suit can be filed in the U.S. can be based either on when the medical malpractice in question occurred, or when the medical malpractice was discovered. To this end, the date at which the medical malpractice suit can be initiated will not be required with regularity, but instead will be maintained at the state level.

As such, the date from the medical malpractice, or the discovery of it, will generally range from the period of 6 months to that of 4 years. That being said, it is recommended that the malpractice suit, and the consultations with potential legal representation related to it, should begin as soon as possible after the malpractice occurs. After the statute of limitations for the occurrence of the harm or discovery has run out, then the medical malpractice will invariably be unavailable for filing.

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