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Know Your Right to Patient Confidentiality

Patient Confidentiality

In the world of medicine, patient confidentiality refers to that right of a patient to have all personal and medical information kept private. This would meant that any information about the patient will only be accessible and available to the physician in care and any pertaining health care and health insurance personnel as it is deemed necessary. Colloquially, patient confidentiality and patient privacy are often considered to be one in the same. However, the proper medical application of the term is patient confidentiality as it is recognized in various medical regulations and statutes. Most medical associations and organizations will hold patient confidentiality and privacy as one of the most important responsibilities of physicians. Any information in regards to a patient must be disclosed with proper authority and permission of the patient. However, there are extenuating circumstances in which patient confidentiality may not be totally applied and is subject to state and federal laws.

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